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[19 Jun 2005|12:49am]
Hey guys.

Its littlesecretsx3 I got a new journal
So I'll be using this one on here from now on. :]
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[09 Jun 2005|09:59pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Hello =)

Most of you probably don't know who I am - Unless you're in Ugly Fuckers - but thats beside the point.

I don't have to re-do my application as I was one of the first to join this community last year and I left because I had so much going on. No need to worry as I've spoken to Bethie and she told me its fine about not doing my whole application again. Thank you sweetie =D

- Dot

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[28 May 2005|08:20pm]

Heyy this is mixtape8, this is my new username and i have a question.
Do i still need to post a new application?
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stamped///leaving [23 May 2005|06:39pm]

[ mood | content ]

Leaving. Thanks for accepting me and having me around.

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Stamped//sigs [20 May 2005|12:08pm]

Hey guys...

I have a favor to ask of all of you. I'm sure most,if not all,have heard of the baby Jess story. (The baby that lived for only hours before dying,born 3 months premature). Being a mother-to-be myself,I cried all of yesterday when I found out,and I truly can't imagine what her parents are feeling. I wish I could take their pain away,but there is something WE CAN DO. Please go here (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7873695) and read the details,and comment here or e-mail me at CocoDoll13@hotmail.com with whatever you would want to say to her parents in this time of horrible pain. I plan on getting as many online signatures with small messages of hope and care as I can,and printing it off and sending it to her parents. I e-mailed msnbc,so if I can't get their direct address,I can send it to them and surely they'll make sure they get it. Thanks,guys,and I'm sure that baby Jess's parents will appreciate it,too.

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Stamped [18 May 2005|03:43pm]

Hey guys...
could someone add me to the "accepted" list?
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[15 May 2005|04:50pm]

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Im retarded [13 May 2005|09:49pm]
[ mood | calm ]

ApplicationCollapse )

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Stamped//promos [14 May 2005|12:56am]

I'm all promo'd out for tonightCollapse )
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[14 May 2005|12:58am]

Vote/be active damnit.

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[14 May 2005|10:11pm]

oi bitches
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooin it =)
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I wanna be retarted! [10 May 2005|12:27am]

[ mood | crazy ]

I ride the short bus...beep beep!Collapse )

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[08 May 2005|01:58pm]
applicationCollapse )
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[08 May 2005|09:33am]


I'm so stupid..I kinda forgot about the picture part..? Sorry.



pictureCollapse )

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[08 May 2005|09:13am]


Application..shazam.Collapse )

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my application! [06 May 2005|02:05am]

[ mood | crazy ]

application... do u likey?!Collapse )

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[28 Apr 2005|12:31pm]
hmmm hi there. its a half day and everyone is out having fun while im here being lonly. I wish this place was more active because I want to talk to someone! *crycrycry* ...HI!
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[17 Apr 2005|11:46am]


dudeee my applicationCollapse )

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[16 Apr 2005|12:48am]
Hey so now i see that ive been accepted, what can we do 'round here? ^.^
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[12 Apr 2005|03:58pm]

Hey guys. I put mine in a while ago but I never gotta banner?
Erm... Yes was I accepted? lol
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